Multi-axis Micro Actuators with Ultra-low Power Consumption

Multi-axis actuators are demanded in a variety of applications, such as precision positioning in advanced manufacturing, manipulation in biomedical micro-robotics, vibration damping for image stabilization or disk-drive protection, and micro mirrors for projection displays. However, it is highly challenging to obtain both tilting and translational motions in all three spacial dimensions while using planar micro-fabrication methods. Up to date, there have been only three studies that reported 6-DOF platforms, which were still limited in performance due to small actuation range and high power consumption. In this study, we designed 3-DOF and 6-DOF motion stages with a new actuation mechanism based on distributed electrode excitation of piezoelectric T-beam unimorphs. Compared to previous 6-axis micro actuators, the fabricated device provides >2x displacement (10-20 μm, 1-2°) with a similar operation bandwidth (~1 kHz), while consuming 1000x less power (250 μW) in a smaller device volume (3×3 mm2).

Related Publications:

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