Autonomous-Calibration of Micro Inertial Sensors by On-chip Physical Stimulus and Position Sensing

Achieving long-term scale factor and bias stability in micro inertial sensors is critical to unlock their potential in high precision navigation applications. Recently, electronic self-calibration methods are reported based on creating a virtual Coriolis force to mimic an external reference rate. As an alternative approach, this project aims to integrate a micro motion stage into the inertial sensor package, and provide controlled on-chip physical stimulus for in situ measurement and recalibration of signal drifts. In addition, the introduced microsystem can provide integrated sensing of applied stimulus, compensation of undesired vibrations, and electrostatic lock-down for shock protection. The platform can excite a dual-axis MEMS gyroscope up to 300°/sec rate, while providing a sensing signal to determine the applied rate with a precision of ~1°/sec. The estimated scale factor of the gyroscope has only 0.8% deviation from rate-table measurements. This demonstration is the first step to achieve the ambitious goal of on-chip self-calibration of a multi-axis IMU with 1 ppm estimation error in a tiny system of 30 mm3.

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