Wide-Bandwidth Vibration Energy Harvesting Based on Frequency Up-Conversion

Low-frequency non-periodic vibrations are sought to be a promising energy source for wearable sensors as well as for environmental/structural monitoring. However, conventional resonant harvesters cannot accommodate the required operation bandwidth and large internal displacement range. In this project, we developed a piezoelectric frequency increased generator, which utilizes an internal bi-stable mechanism that up-converts the ambient random vibration frequencies to a higher internal operation frequency. This architecture incorporates a fixed internal displacement while achieving high electromechanical conversion efficiency and large bandwidth. The fabricated device could be suitable for various wearable electronics application, as it generates a peak power of 100 μW and an average of 3 μW over a wide frequency range of 1-24 Hz, and has a compact package of 2.8 cm3.

Related Publications:

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